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NWT Hand Held Mobile Computer & Software

Handheld Mobile POS
software brings you the power and functionality of a traditional POS system to a handheld device.  This gives you and your staff the freedom and versatility of mobility while maintaining the robust nature of a full retail system.

Imagine gaining the power and flexibility throughout your retail operations from mobile cashiers all the way to inventory management, in one convenient and affordable package.  Mobil Suite Pro from NWT is the perfect mobile solution for line busting,  outdoor sales, tent sales and many other events.   The Mobile Suite Pro and your point of sale is anywhere you are.  Process transactions on the go, work more efficiently and manage inventories more accurately.  It delivers the flexibility to adapt to changing retail needs, while keeping command over important inventory. 

Update and manage your inventory in real time, fully integrated with Microsoft RMS.   The Mobile Manager suite includes physical inventory count, purchase order management,  label printing, item manager, transfers, work orders, quotes and layways. 

Mobil Manager updates and maintains essential inventory and sales information, allowing you to streamline inventory management, customer data,  purchase and sales process that directly impact your bottom line.  Some features include.

*  Real time record keeping & updates        *  Mobile inventory counts     *  Create, send & receive purchase orders

*  Add, edit & manage inventory items        *  Robust integration with RMS reporting  * Advanced security structure

View a video on 'youtube' discussing the benefits and operations of the Mobile Pro Suite of Software

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