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SAM4s SPS- 500 Series

SPS-500 Series Electronic Cash Register

The Series 500 offers the simplicity of an advanced cash register in combination with a unique 7" touch screen.  This  product takes advantage of technology that was once only used on far more expensive systems and is typically less than half the cost of comparable PC based solutions.  The flexible programming capabilities permits the 500 series to be used in a wide variety of retail and food applications.  The 500 series can also be configured with two different types of keyboards and internal thermal printers, making it a perfect match for any type of business.

Some of the outstanding features include:

                      1:       Complete Manager control over any negative function(Voids, Refunds, Discounts, Paid Out, etc)

                      2:       Full financial accountability including daily, weekly, & monthly reporting

                      3:       Integrated Credit Card processing, using either high speed(3 second) or dial up.

                      4:       Integrated  Gift Card processing using Mercury Payment processing

                      5:       Inter-register communication providing summary of all store totals from multiple registers.

                      6:       SD card program and report saving feature to store your register information

                      7:       Bar Code scanning, Electronic Scale interface,  Remote printing capabilities

                                Plus much more..............................................


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