Comtrex POS for Restaurants

Comtrex provides superior POS solutions that are both robust and flexible. Comtrex POS is a performance-proven, easy-to-use point of sale solution specifically designed for restaurants. Its flexible, fluid architecture allows it to be utilized in all types of restaurant environments including fine dine, family service and quick service operations. Designed by industry experts, Comtrex POS is simple to use yet delivers visible benefits; cutting daily waste and labor costs and increasing sales opportunities to put profits back where they belong – in your pocket.
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Industry-leading mobile payment and ordering devices

Designed for Restaurants

Key Benefits

Everything you need to get started

Process orders effectively and efficiently, reducing queues and enhancing the customer experience. With Comtrex, our ePOS solutions are designed to help you grow, as well as future proofing your business. Our technology helps level the playing field, making the same leading technology that powers chains accessible to independent restaurants.


Freedom to accept a range of payment options with our innovative payment device

Save time and money with our game changing handheld ordering and payment solution. We are introducing an innovative handheld device which enables you to enjoy the freedom to take a range of payment options at the table, without the need for a separate payment device.

You can accept a wide range of payment options including contactless, Android Pay, Apple Pay and more. We make processing transactions easy, creating an enjoyable experience for your customers and speeding up transactions.


Stress-free setup and management

We understand that your priority is your business. That’s why we work with you to ensure that your new POS system delivers all the functionality that you need. Our friendly technical staff are there every step of the way to help you get started and ensure a stress-free setup which minimizes disruption. So, you can carry on doing what you do best!

Detailed reporting and analytics

Comtrex provides wide-ranging management reporting, business intelligence and analysis.

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