Frequently Asked Questions

Typically implementation takes 2-4 weeks once we receive all the menu and programming information.  This can vary depending on how involved the menu is and how much training you require.

We train you on-site and set up a mutually agreed upon schedule for your managers and staff and stand by for go live.

Most systems are easy to understand and operationally make sense.  The tablet system works just like a smart phone/tablet!

POS systems originated in the 1980’s because they provided a very quick Return on Investment.  There are many things that the POS can do for you such as provide consistent pricing and computation, making sure every item gets recorded,  making sure the preparation is correctly handled by the kitchen and bar staff as well as generating end of day reports that reduce manual work and provide information to further eliminate waste and expenses.  These basic functions are just some of the things that generate additional profits.

There are no limitations to how many items you can track.

No hidden costs, everything is spelled out clearly

Yes, while Internet is important Internet failure does not restrict the system from recording sales, printing receipts/checks, and finalizing transactions.  Furthermore since the Internet is extremely important normally,   a ‘failover’ router that can automatically take over using cellular technology can be implemented should your Internet modem fail for whatever reason.

Yes, most processors interface to our POS solutions, unlike other POS providers who dictate which processor to use.  We do however recommend certain processors that we know work well and provide good pricing when processing card payments. 

NHCR not only provides telephone and remote access support but on-site support as required.  Our team is local to CT and we are on call 7 days a week. This is what differentiates us from many other direct sellers of POS systems.