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Ready to get switch to your new point of sale system?

NHCR specializes in installing POS systems for restaurants and small businesses

Our specialists provide fully comprehensive POS integration services covering everything you need to make sure your Point of Sale system is properly set up and implemented for your business.

Whatever the size and scope of your installation project, we have the experience and the people to ensure the success of your project.

Our POS Installation Services Include:

The NHCR Installation Service - Step by Step

(Of course this is tailored to your specific needs, however below is a typical outline.)

1: Meeting with Ownership to collect all pertinent information

Our Project Managers will begin the discussion about what information is required-From food menu items, condiments that go with them and any options available to order and all liquor and other beverages items sold in your bar (if applicable).

2: Configure your System

Our technical team will configure and program your system to match your menu.

3: Review the Programming

We will meet with you and your managers to review our initial programming.

4: Make any Changes

After this meeting, we will make the necessary changes to the program and set up additional training sessions.

5: Site Inspection and Electrical Wiring

We will come to your location to do a site inspection and direct your electrician on how to wire for the system and also begin the process to set up your WIFI if necessary.

6: Manager & Staff Training

We will train your team on front and back end functionality.

7: Install and Test Hardware

When hands-on operational training is complete we will install the hardware, test the network & functionality to make sure everything is working properly.

8: Go Live and Assistance

When we all agree on a go-live date, we will stand by to assist for lunch and dinner, as arranged.

9: Post Go Live Review

After go-live, we will meet to the managers to review any unexpected issues that occur and provide ongoing support

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