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NHCR has a customer-centric approach to helping companies meet their most demanding Point of Sale and credit card processing requirements. We develop and deliver leading-edge solutions to enable our clients to compete more effectively in their markets and achieve an optimized return on their investments.

NHCR has an impressive list of clients who have achieved demonstrable success deploying our solutions and services in a variety of high-volume environments, including:


Frank Pepe Pizzeria, Wooster Street, New Haven, CT
Dear Arthur,
We have been customers of yours for literally decades, initially using cash registers and more recently your point of sale systems. It’s never easy making the change from one system to a newer one but the latest installation went smoothly and with a minimum of problems.
We appreciated the time you and your staff spent with us evaluating our issues and pre-determining the best possible solution. Having our staff and managers meet at your location in Hamden over a series of days and your subsequent on-site support helped insure that the installation and go-live was a complete success.
Frank Pepe Pizzeria and The Spot are very busy restaurants and our customers expect that we consistently provide high quality products. We know what it takes to function at this level and that is one of the reasons why we continue to utilize your company. You have been consistent in your high level of product support, providing us with professional yet personal assistance when ever it was required.
We are very satisfied with your recommendation of the point of sale solution, the Comtrex 2100. While we have used Comtrex for years, their latest system includes many advancements over their previous release that reduces errors, speeds the order entry by our servers and helps us balance and understand where our income is actually coming from.
I want to mention that working with your staff is a pleasure. Not only are they extremely knowledgeable about the product but made suggestions as to how to best use the system within the way we run our business. Their suggestions helped us in a way that was not possible previously. We have been working with the same technicians for years and this also makes it easy to resolve questions and difficulties that arise from time to time.
We want to thank you and your company once again for a job well done. We appreciate your effort on our behalf and look forward to many more years of working with your company.
– Lisa Cusano
New Haven, Ct
The Fishtale
Fishtale Restaurant Group
RT 1 Westbrook, CT Madison, CT
860-669-0767 203-245-7289
Open Year Round 7 Days A Week

Dear Arthur,

It has been several months since we installed the Comtrex 2100 POS system and new hardware in both our locations. We wish to express our sincere thanks for the professional, painless and smooth installation you have provided our staff at both restaurants.

New Haven Cash Register has been our exclusive POS provider for over twenty years. Because of this long-term relationship and our very positive experience we have enjoyed in the past, we naturally approached your company when we felt the need to upgrade our systems. We have always had the utmost confidence in your expertise; been extremely satisfied with the consistent and timely service and support we received over these years and appreciate dealing with an honest and trustworthy company.

Your professional staff spent many hours reviewing our long wish list of features we wanted incorporated into our new POS system. Your solution was the Comtrex 2100 System. The software package provides enough flexibility and is adaptable to our special needs and preferences to the way we operate our restaurants. The hardware you have selected for us seems very durable and well suited for the harsh restaurant environment.

One feature we are most impressed with is the integration of gift cards with the POS system. Furthermore, we are extremely pleased with the association both Comtrex and New Haven Cash Register has with Mercury Payment Systems. Their assistance with our credit card and gift card processing has been phenomenal.

Arthur, we again want to thank you for a job well done. Please feel free to use us as a reference for any of your prospects considering either RCS/New Haven Cash Register or Comtrex for their POS solutions.

Lenny and Joe Goldberg
Owners, Lenny & Joes Fish Tale


Puerta Vallarta Restaurants Managing Partner Discusses Why They Chose New Haven Cash Register As Their Point of Sale Partner




Dip Top Ice Cream

Dear Arthur,

I wanted to write to you to say how pleased we are with the point of sale solution we purchased from you. It has been installed for a few years now and has proven its value from the very first day. Actually I delayed this testimonial for awhile since we had so few problems during the first year that I wasn’t sure that our good fortune would continue over time. Well it has! After three plus years experience the system has really held up under some heavy usage.

As new owners of Dip Top we are concerned with the fast paced environment that our business necessitates along with the inexperience(youth) of our cashiers. We knew we needed a system that was fast, accurate and easy to use and the Comtrex 2100 has provided us with those attributes along with being very stable.

Your company from the very beginning worked closely with me to make sure that everything was set up properly; that the staff was trained and that any questions were answered in a timely fashion.

After three years of constant usage the system and your company have performed beyond my expectations. I know our investment in the Comtrex solution has paid for itself through elimination of pricing errors, efficient customer through-put and a reduction of our production time. Our customers are happy with our increased speed, my employees are happy with how easy the system is to use and I am happy with the entire experience.

Additionally and because things have been so smooth we are going to add high speed credit card processing along with gift card tracking which should further improve our efficiencies.

Thank you very much for recommending such a fine solution..

– Ron Emmerthal
Dip Top, Orange, Ct

Carbone’s Restaurant
Dear Arthur,

We have been using the Comtrex System for a few months and I want to say how pleased we are with the way that it has worked for us.

We had a fairly old system in place for years prior to upgrading and we knew that any change would create certain difficulties but your staff helped us overcome any issue that arose.

When Dave first discussed and then demonstrated the system he spoke in plain English telling us what the system could do and what to expect during the training and go live process. We all were on the same page and clearly understood what to expect, which helped us plan for this undertaking. Your communication with us and the attention paid to details made the installation go as smoothly as possible.

Whenever we had questions about a function or feature on the Comtrex system your staff responded in a timely fashion usually resolving the issue right on the phone. Any on-site calls were also handled as effectively.

We are pleased with the purchase and the support you have provided.

Thank you.


– Vincent Carbone
Hartford, Ct


Mango’s Bar & Grille, 988 Main St. Branford, Ct 06405

I am sure you have all heard the phrase “business is business”. I have been doing business with New Haven Cash Register for over twenty years as a restaurant manager and now as an owner.
Over the years Arthur and his entire staff have provided me with a level of excellence which few businesses are able to maintain. We are still given the personal and highly effective service that I have received from the beginning.

In the fall of 2005 when I was planning my new restaurant we checked out other POS Vendors and the big names in the industry. After hearing what they had to say and their high pressure sales pitch, we realized why we liked doing business with New Haven Cash Register. Not only did the others lack the details and personal attention that I consistently received from New Haven Cash Register, but they used high pressure tactics and in my opinion were more concerned with making a sale than anything else.

New Haven Cash Register is all about providing a knowledgeable and professional approach to both sales and support. They have consistently met my expectations and resolved any problems in a personal and efficient manner.

While we are pleased with the Comtrex point of sale system and the fact that it does what was promised in an easy to understand format, we feel extremely confident that New Haven Cash Register will continue to provide us with the support that we require for many years to come.


– Leonard Caponera
Branford, Ct


Thanks From Aunt Chilada’s

We have been using a Comtrex system from your company since 1993.

We knew that technology had changed and POS systems could offer much more than ever before. We received competitive quotes from all the well known national companies. When you came in and demonstrated the newest Comtrex solution we were not disappointed. In fact we were surprised how much the software had improved in the last few years and how easy it was to operate.

We had specific and detailed questions that needed answers. I am pleased to say that you were able to clearly respond in such a way that made us feel at ease and knowledgeable about what the new system could offer.

Since the installation we have utilized the more sophisticated features that allows us to spend our effort in other areas, without a loss of control.

Your companies training and responsiveness implementing the new system has been excellent, which is consistent with your overall support since 1993.

We are more than pleased with the decision we made and while we were tempted to switch when listening to the other sales reps and their promises, we realized that the over all solution from your company would be best for us. (The price was right as well)

Thanks Again.
– Charlie Hogue
Aunt Chilada’s,, Hamden


Daisy’s Creamery

Dear Art,

I wanted to thank you for your effort in getting our system installed and properly programmed. It was really hectic here when we opened and your calm & experienced demeanor helped settle us down.

As a new business we did not really have a good understanding what we would be facing when we opened. You identified some of the issues with our menu and worked closely with us on streamling them. We are thankful for your input. You & your company were clearly among the best of all the different Vendors we dealt with in building our business.

The registers that we purchased streamlined our check out process. I know that everytime we ring a sale the customer is being served their order accurately and we are collecting the correct amount.

You suggestion to use Mercury Payment for credit card processing is especially helpful since we can process a customer in seconds. We also love their gift card solution because it runs smoothly without Cashier intervention and there are no fees! Using the gift card solution increased our cash flow, which is always helpful.

Thanks again for you help in recommending the right solution and for providing us with your expertise.

– Steve Bidwell

Comtrex Point of Sale System Testimonial

Dear David and crew,

It’s been a few months since we opened our new restaurant. The Comtrex point of sale system has really performed well even with our hectic and busy volume that we knew would occur during the summer months..

I want to thank you for recommending the Comtrex software since it meets our needs and does so in a straightforward and easy fashion. When we did our `due diligence? in analyzing the various point of sale solutions that were available you had explained the system to me in such a way that I clearly understood what I was getting, more so than your other competitors.

After using it for several months I am pleased that it actually does more than what you said it would. Your approach during the demo was more personal than the other sales rep’s and showed more insight into my business and how the Comtrex system could answer the problems that might arise. I could tell that your experience helped provide these answers.

Your companies approach during and after the installation was equally as effective and for that I am very grateful. Any questions that we had, and there were many were answered quickly and to the point and the few small problems that were encountered were responded to and resolved in a timely fashion.

Thank you again for the time and effort you put in to making sure our installation and training went smoothly and I would be happy to provide a reference to any prospect that you might want to send my way.


Ray Pantelena

– Ray’s Seafood Bar & Grille Westbrook, Ct

Side Street Grille
Dear Arthur & Staff,

The point of sale system that we purchased from your company is a great addition to our business.

It is reliable, time saving, user friendly and fully accountable. It is well worth the investment!

Your customer service staff is second to none.

Thank you all.

Side Street Grille
15 Dickerman Street

– Dave DeNicola
Hamden, Ct


FishTale: Madison

To Arthur & The Gang at NewHavenCashRegisterCompany:

For many years and through a few different Point of Sale system installations we have valued your commitment of providing us with the best overall POS solution available.

Through these generations you have maintained your reputation and commitment for providing good service and support as well as using excellent quality hardware.

The latest system installed last May really incorporated the advanced functionality that we needed to run our business more effectively and offer our customers a high level of customer service.

We thank you for your consistently good effort in supporting us over the years.

Best Regards,
FishTale, Madison
– Joe & Jim Schreck

Zack’s Bar & Grille

I have been using your company and products for my various restaurants since 1990. Being a small business owner myself, I try whenever possible to do business with other small businesses. Your company has made it extremely easy to do so.

You offer an excellent product at competitive prices, but where you really stand out is your service.

Your sales staff and technical staff are pleasant and knowledgeable and your phone support is outstanding.

I enjoy doing business with companies and people that I know and like. What has made doing business with RCS so enjoyable is that the sales and support staff that I started doing business with in 1990 are still with the company fourteen years later.


Zacks Bar & Grille
– Thomas Tsagarakis
Stonington, CT

Pulmonary Associates of New Haven, P.C.
Dear Arthur,

In 1998 when our company was ready to upgrade our computer system we turned to RCS. Since that time, we have had a successful working relationship with your company.

Mark, Dave and the entire staff are always ready to help and work out any computer problem or make cost effective suggestions. Many times they have worked with me to solve software related issues that went beyond the normal scope of our maintenance contract.

I can always count on RCS for honesty and integrity and Pulmonary Associates is looking forward to expanding and growing with RCS.

– Laura Schuster, Business Manager
New Haven , Ct

Thanks for a Job Well Done

Dear Arthur and David,

It’s been almost a full year since we installed the Comtrex POS system that you recommended and we want to say how pleased we are with the product and your services.

We had some reservations about instituting a point of sale system prior to the installation since we have a busy bar and hectic environment, but the system has proven to be easy to use and very stable. We have had relatively few problems with both the software and the hardware.

Your company really provided our staff with the training they needed and you set up the software so that it matched our needs and that it was logical to use. The few issues or questions we had were readily answered by your technicians and support team and it is obvious that they know the product in detail.

The Comtrex solution is very easy for the new wait staff to operate and it gives us a better handle on liquor and food sales versus inventory. We especially find the historical sales analysis very helpful when considering menu item changes and it has helped us eliminate menu items that were really not selling well.

Thank you again for a job well done.

– Quality Times Meriden
Paul & Rick