Heartland Cloud Based POS For Restaurants

Catering to Every Type of Restaurant

Counter Service

Offer your guests faster, more accurate service with online, in-app and kiosk ordering, drive-thru, skip-the-line ordering and payment, a kitchen display system and other key features.

Table Service

Bring front- and back-of-house operations together like never before with tableside ordering and payment, in-app ordering and delivery integration, loyalty customer engagement and more.

Bar & Nightclub

Let your staff spend less time processing orders and more time in front of customers. Mobile ordering, preauthorization and two-tap ordering are just the beginning.

Everything you need to get started

Cloud-Based POS

With cloud-based point-of-sale software, you can access important information anytime, from anywhere. Your guests can order how and when they want. And yes, the system still works even if the Internet is down. Plus, all the features you need are built right in—so third-party integrations are optional, not required.

Sleek Apple iPad Tablets

Give guests, servers and managers the power and durability they need in sleek, modern systems they’re comfortable using. We stick with Apple® products because they’re easy to use, ergonomic, take up less counter space and even cover fingerprints. Plus, with flexible setup options, you can purchase, rent or even use your own equipment.

Support that’s there for you

Save time and boost profits with on-site, hands-on support and ongoing advice. Our dedicated consultants are in your community, and they make it a point to understand your unique needs. From setup to system consolidation, they’re ready to find the solutions that work best for your restaurant today—and as your business grows.

Unlocked processing

Not only does Heartland Restaurant support EMV and contactless payments, it also lets you shop around for the best deal on payment processing. Our unlocked processing system works independently from your payment processor. So you can switch at any time, for any reason—free from combined contract fees, rate hikes or other hassles. 

Smartphone & Online Ordering

Your guests will love the contactless convenience of Heartland Scan to Pay. Accept credit, debit and Apple Pay via QR code and pay-by-link transactions; no equipment, downloads, logins, or apps required. Elevate the guest the experience with quicker, easier, private payments for dining in, delivery and take out.

Two Tap Ordering

Does your restaurant see a lot of single-item orders? With two-tap ordering, you just tap the item and then the checkout button, and the order is ready to be processed. It’s quick and simple in a business where more speed means more sales.

Delivery Integration

With Heartland Restaurant, you can connect with up to 48 different delivery services, including Uber Eats, Grubhub, DoorDash® and Postmates. Don’t want to pay third-party fees or commissions? Run your own deliveries with our built-in features.

Heartland Restaurant Overview

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