Logivision for Retail Grocery Markets

ACCEO Logivision is designed to suit the needs of your grocery store or market

The ACCEO Logivision point-of-sale system is easy to use, easy to manage, and designed specifically for fast retail: supermarkets, c-stores, liquor stores, and specialty retail stores such as pet stores. ACCEO Logivision software helps manage retail operations more efficiently and is a flexible Windows-based solution that allows you to choose your own hardware.

POS Software for Grocery Stores

Main Benefits:

Save Time. Save Money

Increase store efficiency

  • Speed up your checkout process by scanning products and completing payments faster to improve cashier productivity.
  • Eliminate repetitive tasks to simplify your operations with a customizable POS screen layout.
  • Analyze what’s happening in your store at any time during the day in order to optimize the management of your business.


Reduce Errors

  • Have tight control over your cash operations, use the software securely, and restrict operations based on user-level permissions.
  • Interfaces to the proper hardware for scanning or weighing products, print the right items on cash receipts, and store your information in a secure audit trail.
  • Simplify your cashiers’ work-flow and eliminate errors with EMV/PCI Compliant integrated payment options that are compatible with all major processors.

Manage Inventory

  • Know your quantities on hand, monitor your losses and know your inventory changes so you can detect theft, damaged goods or spoilage sites at once.

Centralize Management at Headquarters

  • Manage remote store data communication and centralize your management activities at headquarters.

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